How Should Pregnant Women Choose The Wedding Dress?

Published: 31st May 2011
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Plan can not keep up with changes. Some new couples have already received the marriage certificates and planned to hold their weddings in the near future, but the bride was pregnant. Preparations for the wedding will take some time. And at that time, there will no curves figures of brides, and what kind of dress to wear? How to choose wedding dress?

Now it is very common that holding wedding with the new baby. Pregnant wedding dress came into being. In the bridal salon, the high waist, fluffy, the furbelow under chest like petals wedding dresses seem so ordinary, is actually specially crafted for "pregnant bride".

There are also a lot of prospective mothers take photos during pregnancy. Those people are not to photo for their wedding, but for the purpose to remember the best times of their life that never to return again.

It is not so obvious that the pregnancy is less than 4 months. If the waist measurement is OK, the bride can still choose different wedding dresses that suit for their own body types. However, their abdomen will be more obvious after the 4 or 5 months pregnancy. More attention should be paid to choosing the wedding dress.

General types of wedding are tight of upper body - waist, boob tubes and open skirt. As a special group, pregnant women canít wear those dresses which are not only bad for the growth of child, but also not beautiful in appearance.

Comfortable should be the first of the pregnant women dresses. Those dresses are only loose but also beautiful. It is no doubt that the high waist wedding dresses have become the first choice.

Some pregnant brides mind their own body, the pregnant wedding dresses should be used to hide and modify their body shape. Here are some suggestions to the prospective mothers, as well as to pregnant brides who want to take wedding photos:

1、 Choose satin wedding dress which can make you more thin.
2、 Choose a wedding dress with simple design of waist.
3、 Pay more attention to modeling when making up. Draw some shadow.
4、 Use bridal veil to obscure the arm and back.

Various reactions during pregnancy and prenatal examination would occupy some of the preparatory time. And wedding dress will need about 1 month for its production and post-modification. Custom wedding dress needs at least 2 months. So leave enough time to design and yourself.

Good selection of wedding, bridal shoes also have to pay attention. High-heeled shoes are beautiful. But to the safe of mother and child, give up wearing the high-heeled shoes.
The wedge heel, flat heel and even the soft-soled shoes are better for the prospective mothers.

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